About Us

Who we are

Hello Everyone! We are a volunteer team of Christadelphians from the UK who want to visit Hungary to let individuals know about the great news that can be read about in the pages of the Bible. 

Michael Owen and his wife Richmal and family members (pictured below left) along with others from our community, have been visiting Hungary for many years to let others know about their beliefs. 

Andy and Alison Biggs (pictured below right) have become involved recently, after helping in Macedonia and Serbia to conduct visits to Christadelphians living there and to carry out talks and presentations in various cities and towns across the country. 

We are based in different parts of the UK, Andy and Alison live just north of London and Michael and Richmal live in South Wales, so we belong to different Christadelphian ecclesias (or churches)  in the UK, but meet up to spread the Bible message in other countries, with other volunteers from our Christadelphian community who can also help. 

We look forward to meeting you in Hungary at one of our events. Alternatively, contact us for further information and we may be able to  meet you on another occasion when we or others are visiting. 

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